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A Copyright is a set of Rights given under the Copyright Statute to the Creators of artistic, literary, musical, dramatic, and audiovisual works. Only the person who created the copyrighted work is legally permitted to reproduce, perform, or display it, distribute copies of it, or create variations of it; any unauthorized exercise of any of these rights is called “copyright infringement” and is actionable by law. Generally, copyright lasts for 60 years from the date of publication, in case of a cinematograph film, sound recording, photograph, work of government or work of international body. In the case of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, the term is lifetime of the author plus 60 years after the death of the author.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

  • Establishes a public record which proves the copyright holder's ownership
  • Copyright holders can sue the infringers for copyright infringement
  • Copyright registration establishes sufficient evidence in court concerning the validity of the copyright and the facts stated in the copyright certificate
  • In case of infringement of the copyrighted work, the copyright owner is entitled to seek statutory damages and costs in legal proceedings. However, even without registration, only an award of actual damages and profits will be available, and these can be quite difficult to prove
  • Timely reminders and Renewal of our client’s Trade Marks

    Our Services

  • Preparing of Applications
  • Filing of Copyright Applications in respective category
  • Frequent follow-ups with the Copyright Board, New Delhi
  • Defending Copyright Applications
  • Enforcing copyrights against Infringers
  • Copyright Watching and Monitoring
  • Informing Clients in cases of violations and infringements
  • Drafting Copyright License and Assignment Agreements
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